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Date Started

November 25, 2009

Date Finished

November 25, 2009


Trying to find another Burda article online, I stumbled on to her recent proclamation that it is now all about "Bold Cutouts!" If there is one thing that Burda teaches you, it's not to argue. Things will be far more efficient and pleasant if you just do what the German sewing Frau tells you to do. Stitchin' macht frie!

I decided that a Bold Cutout table cloth would be a good project for the scraps from my Sleepy Owl Tee. I cut up the largest pieces into strips and assembled them into a long cloth. I folded back all the edges, ironed them flat and sewed them down, so I have top stitching running around all my seams. My edges were finished with handkerchief rolls.

Then I borrowed some quilters shapes and cut out diamonds into the cloth. I cut larger diamonds (about 5/8 inch allowance) of my accent fabric. Then I slipped my table cloth over and fused these to the back of the cloth so their right sides would be showing through the holes.

Now to sew! I liked the way the variegated thread showed on my Sleepy Owl Tee, so I picked two threads that would go with the accent fabric and planned to satin stitch them. This is where I learned that Bold Cutouts on the bias like to stretch and pucker. After a couple bad sides, I figure out to run a straight stitch around the edge to stabilised them. The difference is night and day. Next time I see any instructions for basting or stabilising stitch, I am not going to poo-them away. Listen to the Sewing Frau, or she brings ze punish!

So I straight stitched all the edges and then went over them with a satin stitch which covered the straight stitch. No I can wake up in my PJs, and camouflage by the Monday morning can't find me.