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Alexa Tarot Reader


Who has time to see a psychic? Who actually wants to know the future anyways? Save time and have fun by making your Alexa your own Lady Cleo!



Guess My Number


Who wants to learn about the Amazon SDK for Node.js? I did. Amuse easily distracted children or just try your own luck.




Element Flash Cards


Elements Flash Cards are the quick and easy way to learn your chemical elements. Use the simple flash card interface to practice for just a couple minutes a day, or do intense drills on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Open Source

iTunes Album Art Extractor (IAAE)



 With a single click, extract all your album art from iTunes and create an animated web mosaic for your web site that will rotate through all of your album art.

This application and its source are all freely available, but if you find it useful, consider making a donation or even just sending a message of support. Thanks! 


JPhotoAlbumWizard (JPAW) 


JPhotoAlbumWizard (JPAW) is an open source photo album project. It is java based and easy to use.





JMX for Open Distributed Processing (JMX4ODP) is an open source project for creating tool sets and frameworks to manage ODP systems using JMX. If you have an interest in using JMX or are trying to figure out ways of managing your J2EE system, you should check it out. Hey it's free!

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