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Date Started

February 03, 2018

Date Finished

February 25, 2018


I was at a flea market at AllyPally and found 9 meters of this tartan. It had a small swatch cut from the end, otherwise it was untouched and had been sitting in some woman's basement for a couple of decades. (Original price tag was still there, and I got it for about that much).

The Creek, also called the Muscogee, are tribe of Native Americans who were moved from their native lands on the Trail of Tears. Before America betrayed their trust, they fought on the side of the Americans during the French-American war under the leadership of a Scot named Dude Macintosh. In thanks, Macintosh commissioned this tartan for the tribe. He also married into the tribe and his son became on of the tribal leaders.

This is the first traditional kilt I have made – first time I had enough fabric. It was also the first time I used a pleating technique I saw on youtube, where you use basting stitched to lace up the side of the pleat from the outside, allowing you to get the good line ups you need for the tartan.