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Date Started

October 17, 2008

Date Finished

May 17, 2009


I found this amazingly special yarn at Compatto Yarn Salon. It is black silk beaded with Swarovski crystals. I have a wonderful aunt who has a think for black and Swarovski, so this scarf was destined.


  • Size 14 needles
  • Cast on 41 stitches
  • P41
  • K4, (K2tog x 2), *(yo, k1)x3, yo, (K2tog x 4)* repeat section between astrics*, (yo, k1)x3, yo, (K2tog x 2), K4
  • P41
  • K41
  • P41
  • Keep doing this until you scarf is long enough.
  • End with a P row then a K row.