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Date Started

November 02, 2009

Date Finished

November 02, 2009

To go with my Fur Vest, I needed Fur Boots to complete my 50,000B.C. look. I played with muslin working on a bunch of elaborate shapes before settling on a simple tube. If anyone can over-engineer a pattern, it would be me. (I would leave the over-engineering to the embellishments!)

I made two 28 x 24 rectangles of the fuzzy gray for the boot, then I cut two 28 x 6 rectangles of the dark gray "mink" for the cuff. From a roll of suade strip, I cut four 8 inch and four 6 inch strips.

I placed the boot fabric fur side up, with the 24 inch sides at the side and the 28 inches running length-wise. I flipped the cuff fur side down. I pinned the cuff down onto the boot, covering about the top 3 inches of the boot, so it had 3 inches hanging over the top.

I tucked the suade strips to the "top" of the boot, just under the cuff. I arranged them one short then a long one to each side of the 24 inch sides. This way when I sew up the 24 inch side seam, the back of the boot will have an 6 inch, 2x8 inch, and then an 6 inch strip of suade hanging down. I pinned these into place and sewed the whole cuff on. Then I rolled the extra cuff fabric in half to form a 1.5 inch roll inside of the boot, leaving the raw edge tucked under. I hand stiched this to the inside of the boot so you couldn't see it from the outside.

I went around the bottom of the boot and side a similar roll hem to hide the raw edge. Finally, I sewed up the side seam to leave me with a faux-fur tube. Then I took a 6 foot peice of thin suade strip to make the boot lace. I folded it in half and poked it through the whole of a large stone bead. I knotted the pocked through peice to hold the bead, then justed wrapped the laces around the boot. Fur, stone, and I just need to discover the secret of fire!