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Date Started

November 17, 2009

Date Finished

November 17, 2009

The faux-fur mink muff was just something to do with scraps left from my Fur Boots. I made a quick rectangle approx. 30x20 inches. I divided the rectangle into quadrants, front and back inside and out.

For fun, I embroidered a crest to the the front outside quadrant. The short fur didn't poise much of a problem from the machine, but i did run it at its slowest speed, which seemed to help tufts of fur from poking through the design. Also I was able to catch tufts as they started and clip them short.

I made a small pocket, which I thought I attached to the back outer quadrant, but which actually ended up in the front it is a really secret pocket. I was going to move it, but then I liked the idea. It is like a poison ring...but in muff form.

Then I made 7 "tails" by making 8 inch and 6 inch strips about 4 inches wide. I sewed these into little "bags," flipped them right-side out and stuffed the ends with a little quilt batting.

I then took the muff and folded it in half, so the fur was inside facing each other. I had folded it length-wise, so the top and bottom could be sewn together to form the bottom seam and the side seam would be left open for stuffing. I brought the top edge down to the bottom, folding it in half again to form an inside out muff.

I pinned the tails to this seam. I tucked the tails into the muff, so that when I sewed this seam up, they would be in the muff, their fur facing the fur side of the muff. I left the edges of the tails poking out so that i could space them out evenly, then I sewed up this seam.

I then sewed up most of the side seam, leaving about a 5 inch opening. I then turned the muff right-side out. I used a chopstick to stuff quilt batting into the muff to make it feel like it was a stuffed animal. Finally, I hand stitched the 5 inch opening.