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Wreck It Ralph Wrecks the Internet

24 Apr, 2022

It's cute. It is not great, but it is very enjoyable. It is worth it just for the princess gag.


09 Apr, 2022

This movie deserves all of its awards and accolades. From amazing acting, gorgeous direction, and touching and impactful story. A whole tectonic shift it history and culture is told through the eyes of a child witness, reducing the impossible scope to human scale. The movie moves with such wonder and intimacy.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

27 Mar, 2022

This movie blew my mind! Not that it was great, but they actually had a Spider-Man sequel that was not trash. It was very enjoyable and brought a lot of fan service at all levels. After decades of being invested in Marvel and Spider-Man, it was impossible to not smile and clap along with each nod and wink to the fans.

Another Man's Poison

13 Mar, 2022

You can tell it started as a suspenseful, one room play. I love this type of economic writing and direction. It feels small, but also feels like there are no wasted minutes. Like a lot of noir, the formula and tricks seem obvious, especially to modern audiences. Betty owns the screen with all the melodrama.

Swan Song

12 Mar, 2022

Probably one of my favorite Udo Kier movies I have seen to date (and I have seen Barbed Wire). It is rough and certainly indie at times with some questionable acting; but Udo owns the show – as he should. Set in Sandusky, this rounds out Todd Stephens Sandusky trilogy. It is a bitter sweet reflection of a life well lived.

The Man in the White Suit

26 Feb, 2022

They said it was a comedy. It was mildly funny, at best. It was interesting to see the cynical view of capitalism and the people involved, but otherwise, it was a mildly interesting, historic curiosity piece.


02 Jan, 2022

Is there singing? Heart warming story? Family overcoming their own history? Secrets uncovered? Yes. But did I love it? Eh. It was okay. While very intellectually well constructed, it failed to hit the rhythms that allowed me time to connect. The main character's arc is immediately obvious from the first line. The grandmother is too awful, then too quickly redeemed. What it lacked in feeling it tried to make up with rapid fire songs that delivered lots of information but still failed to land.

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