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Date Started

May 12, 2012

Date Finished

June 02, 2012


Yet another friend of mine was having a baby (seriously people!). I wanted to make another hat similar to my Aurora Baby Hat. The baby is Argentine, so I used the colors of the flag to make his hat.

I also had a lot of scrap fabric left over from my Tomatoe Soup Can Quilt, so I wanted to use that to make a baby bag for his toys and other mommy essentials. My friend Sam had made create sling purse that used pleats, but being cheap I decided to "remember" as much of her pattern instead of forking over the cash for a new pattern.

I made a simple trapeze bag, similar to my previous Diaper Bag but with less of an angle cut off of the sides. I pulled both sides in with pleats and stitched them down to give the bag a shape, and more room on the inside. I then used a french curve to create a curved band for the top of the bag. The band would hide the tops of the pleats and the top would be rolled under, giving me a place to attache my handles.

I did the normal inside and outside pockets. I cute out and attached a little owl as an applique, so he was peaking out of the pocket. The poor guy didn't have any legs, so I stitched some in for him.