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March 06, 2014

I was very excited to see this at the NuArt. They had some of the CERN scientist to talk about their work along with the director of the film.

Watching the theoretical scientist and their work with the experimentalist made for tension, storylines, and drama. But it was watching their pursuit of something wonderful and invisible that was moving. You saw a scientist speak about esoteric math, then answer another person in Italian, switch back to German, then listen to something in French.

You don't just glimpse a world of physics, you glimpse a world united by an idea and a pursuit of this idea. You see a community that transcends nations and the 40 some odd years it took to go from theory to the tools to test it.

You have to remember, the SSC at CERN is the single largest, most complex thing ever built by man... period. This is the story of the people, the ideas, and the hopes behind it.