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Date Started

April 25, 2009

Date Finished

May 17, 2009

Using a similar fabric to my Black Tea Dress, I started on a tea dress for my sister. She is big on the pink and girly look, so I wanted something a little funky/punky meets girlie girl.

Instead of doing a roll hem at the bottom, I chain stitched a pleat around the bottom of the dress. I did this so I could shorten the fabric and still preserve the horizontal stripe pattern at the bottom that I liked. I then sewed up the back to create the basic dress.

I put in two belt loops to hold the plaid ribbon.

I added a white eyelet lace fringe to the top for extra girlie cuteness. Also this is supposed to add an extra band of elastic to keep her ladies under wraps.

Finally, I made to straps by attaching a shear floral ribbon to a wide hot pink satin ribbon. I put button hole the ribbons and they attache to the inside of the dress so that they can be removed for laundry, or for a different set of straps.

Oh and the two beaded lady bugs are just pins. I figured if she wore it with a shrunken cardigan or something, she could use the pins to accessorize it with the dress. They were just funny.