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Date Started

August 01, 2009

Date Finished

August 12, 2009


A friend and former coworker is having a baby that we have all been excited about. Being a programmer, he has kept a lot of us in the loop with how things are progressing. So we all get to share the excitement, but the 3am feedings are all his!

I uses the rest of my super-soft baby stash from Compatto Yarn Salon, and modified the pattern I used for my PomPom Baby Hat

  • Cast on 70 stitches on 7 gauge needles 16 inch round needles
  • The entire thing is just knit stitches, so no knitting and pearling.
  • After the first row, I put a twist in. So as I continue knitting, it kind of looks like a mobius strip.
  • Knit 8 rows.
  • Now I have to remove the twist. I knit up until the twist and knit these two stitches together. Going forward all of the rows will now be on the same side.
  • I knit about 5 inches from the twist.
  • Every 10 stitches, I K2Tog.
  • Once you get down to about 20 stitches, or it is just to hard to work on the needles, cast off.

I Then made a bunch of Pompoms and sewed them onto the hat. I arranged them so that they shaped the hot to be a little like a fin or elf haf, where all the pompoms spill down the front.

I make sure that the twist is also in the front.