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Date Started

October 01, 2007

Date Finished

November 01, 2007


Every nerd knitter has just one desire, a Doctor Who Scarf! Not ready for something so ambitious, I instead found some neat variegated yarn that made its own stripes.

My last scarf had long, skinny ribs that ran down the length of it and made it curl into a thinner scarf. I wanted to make horizontal ribbing that would make the scarf stretch lengthwise this time.


  • Size 16 needles
  • Cast on 42 stitches
  • K42
  • P42
  • K42
  • P42
  • K42
  • Keep repeating until long enough.
  • The last and next knit row will cause you to have 5 row wide ribs the length of the scarf.

The whole thing ended up being a massive scarf. I had to find a wooden shawl pin just to bundle it up enough to even stay on my neck. I don't know how Doctor Who managed to walk around without getting Isadora Duncanned.