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I had small remnants of blue mohair and some wool tartan that coordinated. Taking advice on how to draft a raglan pattern from It's Always Autumn, I chewed through a couple meter of Swiss tracing paper. Since I had limited fabric, I wanted to make sure that I drafted a pattern that fit before I started cutting. 

The raglan assumes you are using jersey or something with stretch, but my wool does not and so the neck hole would need to adjusted. Making it large enough would give me a weird scoop neck, so I put in a zipper at the shoulder. I liked the contrasting ring zippers and put ones in at the sides too.

The hood I drafted wanted to continue past the arms, so I need a solution to allow a shoulder zipper and still have a hood, so I attached the from of the hood with snaps to allow you to pull back the hood and open the shoulder zipper. Once it was contracted, I used blue linen bias tape to finished all the exposed edges.