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Date Started

October 17, 2006

Date Finished

October 17, 2006


This is actually the project that got all my sewing and knitting started (again). I was in a toy store when I saw the Singer Knitting Machine in all of its bubblegum pink glory. Childhood perversions started to come back to me: wanting to cook cakes by a lightbulb, hook rugs, friendship bracelets. Wo didn't like arts and craft; and more so, who didn't like cheap plastic versions of real adult appliances?

Twenty some dollars later I was using all my adult words on the little beast trying to crank my way through a simple tube. It claims that it can make flat pieces to, but it is a total lie. It has two modes: randomly drop some stitches from a skinny tube or mangle yarn into Gorgon's knot.

Unable to figure out who to "end" a piece, I just made really long tubes and rolled the unraveling yarn at the end like a tube sock into a ball. Then I tied on tassels to hold the ends together. Viola, a tassel scarf. After a couple of these, I was determined to learn to knit like the big people do. Just like that easy bake, the cakees were so exciting to you had to eat your first one. Then it was on to a real oven!

The Knotting Machine