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Date Started

October 01, 2007

Date Finished

October 30, 2007


My first big boy scarf was made from a blend of wool and cotton. I was very excited because the wool was Scottish and would later go to Scotland with me to visit its ancestral homeland.

Since it was my first, with needles, project I stayed simple:

  • Size 14 needles
  • Cast on 29 stitches
  • K5 P1 K5 P1 K5 P1 K5 P1 K5
  • P5 K1 P5 K1 P5 K1 P5 K1 P5
  • Keep alternating until long enough (about 6.5 feet in my case).

A nice lady at a yarn shop suggested that I paint the end of one of my needles so I could always tell if I was on an odd or even row. It was such a helpful suggestion, that all my pairs have a painted one now.