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Date Started

October 04, 2009

Date Finished

October 04, 2009


I had two big skeins of strange yarn that didn't match anything else I had and nothing really in mind.

The green yarn is a posh, hand spun green that has tints of blue and green and little light blue glass beads spun into it on a brown yarn. The brown is full of golden and bronze metalic yes, the whole thing is "subtle."

Not realizing how big everything would be, I started with the green on a size 14, 29 inch circular needles. I knit

  • row 1: cast on 65
  • row 2: p65
  • row 3: k65

Then I realised that the bulk of the yarn was making this tight, so I switched to a yarn over/drop for everyother stitch:

  • even rows: (k1, yo) * repeat 65 times
  • odd rows: (p1, drop stitch) * repeat 65 times

Then I ended up with this giant green circular loop that i could wrap around my neck twice. So I put it aside until I could figure out what to do with it. I then started on the brown yarn. I thought if I lessened the measurements and did the whole thing as yo and drops, I would have enough to maybe make a cowl. With the same size 14 needles:

  • row 1: cast on 35
  • even rows: (k1, yo) * repeat 35 times
  • odd rows: (p1, drop stitch) * repeat 35 times

It ended up too short to be a cowl. So I twisted the green loop as if I were going to put it on my head, then I took some left over brown and started to stitch the brown loop to it. I kept divided by halves. So I stitched the front and the back. Then I found the middle between those and attached the sides. Then I found the centers of those areas and attached the quarters. I ended up with 8 stitches holding the two loops together.

You see the end result being modelled by Brunhelga. She thinks it makes quite a statement.